Reporting Cases of Suspected or Confirmed SARS-COV2 in Students

In the absence of a final university protocol for reporting cases of suspected or confirmed SARS-COV2 positive cases in students, please use the ALVSCE interim guidance outlined below.

NOTE: For actions required of supervisors regarding employees suspected or confirmed with SARS-COV2, please see instead the university protocol posted on the Human Resources website.

CAMPUS HEALTH: What to do if you tested positive for COVID-19


ALVSCE Interim Guidance

If an undergraduate or graduate student present in any of our campus facilities or taking one of your classes notifies you that they that they were exposed to SARS-COV2, have been tested or have tested positive:

  • You or your supervisor should notify your unit leader. Identify the employee by name.
  • Your unit leader should advise the Dean of Students of the student’s name by email ( or directly to Dean Kendal Washington White, so DOS can reach out to the student to offer resources that might be of help.


Updated Information on Cleaning of Classrooms at Campus Agricultural Center from Steve Husman, Associate Director, Arizona Experiment Station:

With regards to cleaning and disinfecting the 4 classrooms on the Campus Ag Center(CAC), the CAC custodial staff is prepared to perform that cleaning and disinfecting role. The 2.6 FTE custodial staff will be modifying their current schedule to reprioritize frequency of cleaning schedules for various facilities based on occupancy, frequency, location, use patterns, common areas, etc. while following the still developing  various respective guidelines and criteria. All classes are on a master calendar we keep and monitor with custodians then being able to clean classrooms  after their use accordingly. As Chris did mention, I have been participating in all the weekly Building Manager meetings and have been coordinating with all departmental leadership on the CAC while also working closely with UA FM with respect to material and supply needs to obtain  PPE’s, dispensers, cleaning supplies etc. I did meet last week with the Project Manager assigned to the CAC and am coordinating that distribution from FM and have offered to utilize CAC staff to distribute the requested material to the various and numerous facilities across the CAC and WCAC accordingly and my staff  will also be installing all the dispensers and building signage in an effort to partner with FM and help get the job done. I hope this helps.